Elaine Writes – Monroe Bungalow Makeover, The First Update

The Property Taxes are only what???

Hi all. As promised, I have updates to share about the Monroe House as it gets closer to being one lucky buyer’s next home. Since my intro post, most changes have actually been the crucial ‘behind-the-scenes’ tasks that give a home ease of use. But, that’s not all that’s happening.

I recently learned why buying property in Monroe is so popular. It seems that the town has one of the best property tax rates in New Hampshire. Annual taxes on the property are only $1300 a year. That’s certainly one reason to plan to see the house when it’s finished!

In addition to the Monroe financial benefit, I want to be sure to tell you why this is a stunning time of year for the wonderful yard on this property. There are rhododendrons, lilacs, azaleas and other vibrant colors giving the house its spring coat. See what I mean in the photo below.

While I’m thinking about the outside, I want to further emphasize the yard. The picture below highlights the roomy, lush space that begins in the back of the house and wraps around to one side. The back yard includes a paved deck for grilling and dining. The lawn is more than big enough for pets, kids and memorable parties.

OK, it’s time to talk about the crucial updates taking place inside the house. As I said, several projects are in progress to complete the home’s infrastructure. Sheetrock, a tiled shower and electrical work in the master suite are being installed. In my latest tour, I saw warm, subtle wall colors throughout that made me smile. Paint is a wondrous thing.

It’s getting easier to envision the completed whole that will emerge in a few short weeks. The kitchen was recently a jumble of new cabinets and appliances not yet in final locations. Since then, the cabinets have been hung and the kitchen floor now has brand new tile. I love the bright look of the white cabinets in this airy room.

That’s it for now. In the next chapter of the Monroe Bungalow Makeover, I expect to be able to report that the bathroom fixtures in the master and downstairs baths have arrived and put in place. Counter tops and a tile backsplash are planned for the kitchen. Please come back and be the first to see these enticing renovations. If you decide to buy, the beautiful craftsmanship by Spooner Home Improvements will make your home a place to enjoy and show off for years to come.

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