Main Street, Monroe Project

We are thrilled to announce that Spooner’s Home Improvement Services is hard at work on another project! To shake this up a bit, we are bringing in a guest blogger! Elaine Writes has spent some time in this home and has offered to share her posts here with us.

Elaine Writes – Monroe Bungalow Makeover


We are pleased to announce that Spooner’s Home Improvement Services has uncovered another gem: a homey bungalow in Monroe, NH, just north of the center of town. A house that will make you want to call it yours and begin creating family memories. The Spooner team is actively working to upgrade the whole house and make it the most enticing property you will see this spring. For anyone looking for a small-town home, I recommend it as a must-see. This blog entry will describe the first updates and give you a preview of the exciting changes still to come.
First, there’s a great yard with low stone wall borders and a two-car garage. Plenty of open space wraps around the back and one side of the house with privacy potential and lots of room for beautiful landscaping or children’s play areas.

Inside, the house boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and an open plan kitchen with a roomy family space. The kitchen/family room has recently been given a brand new wood ceiling that made me say ‘wow’ when I walked into the room.

The master suite is being moved to the 2nd floor and given its own bath. An old, narrow, curving staircase has been replaced with a straight set of steps leading up from the living room to the master suite.

Originally built in the 1800’s, the house includes original touches like a beamed ceiling in the living room. A more recent addition has sliding doors on either side of the den that provide natural light and easy access to both the front and back of the property. Most other windows in the house have been replaced with updated insulation-value glass.

In the kitchen, almost everything will be new: light, bright cabinets, an updated counter top and a new tile floor. The renovation plan also includes hardwood floors in rooms other than the kitchen and baths.
In the next chapter of the Monroe Bungalow Makeover, the new master bath will take shape. A tile backsplash will be added to the kitchen. Come back to see what the Spooner team can accomplish. If you decide to buy, their beautifully crafted work will make your home a place you will want to show off for years to come.

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