Water St. Lisbon, NH Home Renovation Project ~ Bedrooms & Bathroom

Are you ready to see more of the Water St. Lisbon, NH Home Renovation Project?

In our first post we showed you a preview of the exterior of this home before renovations began and our second post we showed you some of the interior before renovations.

Today we’re going to show you a preview of the bedrooms and bathrooms prior to any renovations.

Below is the master bedroom which had plywood patches on the ceiling and wall and retained original plaster walls. This bedroom is on the front of the house with views of the Ammonnoosuc River and the Village of Lisbon, it also features a nice size closet and hardwood floor.

Master Bedroom          Master Bedroom

Below is the 2nd bedroom, in the first picture on the left there was an electric fireplace (which has been removed). You can also see there are two doors, the one on the left is a closet and the one on the right led to no where! The photo on the left is the entry to the bedroom, this bedroom has two windows with views of the Ammonoosuc River and the village of Lisbon as well as hard wood floor.

Bedroom          bedroom

Below are two photo’s of the 3rd bedroom, other than the writing on the wall, this room needs the least amount of renovations.

Bedroom          Bedroom

Below is the bathroom, this house (like most older homes) had only one bathroom which is on the 2nd floor near the bedrooms. As you can see some of the fixtures (vanity & mirror) had been updated.

Bathroom          Bathroom

The shower was an add-on some years ago and has the small metal rod which holds two shower curtains so you can wrap it around to keep the water in the tub and off the walls. The shower head consists of a small rod extended off the outside wall with a removable shower attachment.

Bathroom          Bathroom

What do you think the crew at Spooner’s Home Improvement Services has planned for the bedrooms and bathroom? I can tell you the hardwood floors will remain, the windows will all be replaced, drywall will be put up and the bathroom is likely to have tiled shower/tub combo.

This ends our preview of the home before renovations, stay tuned for our next post where we will show you how much has changed already.

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