Swiftwater Rd. Home Renovation Project ~ Update #5

We’re very excited to inform you the Swiftwater Rd. Home has come along so nicely it will be coming to the market real soon, contact me me for details!

Five weeks have past since our last update here on the Swiftwater Home Renovation Project and as you can imagine the crew of Spooner’s Home Improvement Services have been extremely busy taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather.

Before I show you the changes that have been taking place on the interior, I have to show you the exterior of the home, from the front before and now!  It is truly AMAZING!!

Photo by Vickie L Wyman      Photo by Vickie L Wyman
The photo on the left was taken on January 27th and on the right today!

Interested in a more detailed description of the changes on the exterior, visit my previous post
(*note; garage seen to far right in above photo is on neighboring property)

Are you ready to see more of the interior changes?

Below is the extra room which could be a formal dining room, family room, den or office.

Before renovations began, this room didn’t have any windows, had a very dark brown ceiling with track lighting, built-in shelves stained or painted a very dark brown, off white walls with a floral patterned border of sorts and the floor was tile.

photo by Vickie L Wyman


Built-in shelves w/cupboards





photo by Vickie L Wyman



Ceiling with track lighting




After renovation complete, walls, built-in and ceiling painted, new light fixtures, two windows, hard wood floor, and French doors installed.

photo by Vickie L Wyman



here you can see the color is neutral and with the windows and hardwood floor this room (in my opinion) now has a very cozy, welcoming feel and would make a great home office.




Remember in my first post we showed you the bathroom, which hadn’t been updated since the home was built in 1960?

Below left you can see the avocado green bathtub which had some sort of paneled insert, tile floor, dark brown vanity and the window  which was metal framed single pane. Below middle, almost gutted.  Below right, same room looks and feels larger, neutral colors, new flooring and all new fixtures.

photo by Vickie L Wyman  photo by Vickie L Wyman   photo by Vickie L Wyman

You might be thinking, “why would they change a full bath to a 3/4 bath when there is only one bathroom?” If you are the answer is easy, there will be a second, full bath in the master suite which will include a full tub/shower combination with tiled walls in the shower.

Is there more? Absolutely, take a look below at how the enclosed porch has been separated and converted into living space.



This was the enclosed 2.5 season porch.
The window frame you see on the right was a window in the 2nd bedroom which no longer exists. Half of the porch has been walled off and is now providing a closet for the 2nd bedroom as well as a cozy little area for a desk, sitting area, or game playing location.






Photo by Vickie L Wyman



In this photo, you can see how the wall to the left of what used to be the main entrance has been removed to prepare for the new door and mudroom.




Below, new door way in place, mudroom started.

2012-04-10 13.01.42

Below, framing to separate mudroom from bedroom and closet addition started.

photo by Vickie L Wyman

Below, I call this bedroom #2, this bedroom is on the left and faces the front of the house. As you can see there was a window, however the window only drew light from the enclosed porch.


In the photo below you can see how taking 1/2 the enclosed porch and adding it to the bedroom not only made the bedroom larger and added a closet, but also offers unique space for a cozy sitting area anyone  will love!


As you can see Spooner’s Home Improvement Services have been very busy the past few weeks and there is more to come.

Until next time, we look forward to your comments, suggestions, questions, and/or feedback and remember in about two weeks we will be listing this home for sale!

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