Swiftwater Rd. Home Renovation Project ~ Update #1

Welcome Back to the Swiftwater Home Renovation Project!


About 3 weeks ago we showed you part of the Swiftwater Rd. Home purchased by Spooner’s Home Improvement Services. I this update we will show you the exterior of the home and the bedrooms as they look prior to any renovations.

The Swiftwater Rd. House is a 3-bedroom, 1-bath ranch built in 1960.  This house is very unique in that it was constructed using concrete rather than wood which presents challenges to the crew of Spooner’s Home Improvement Services. They’ve had to be creative when considering demolition and redesigning some of the rooms to afford a more modern appeal with modern comforts while keeping the home in an affordable price range when it is ready to be marketed.

Below is a side view of the home showing the attached 2-car garage, side yard and part of the driveway.

Swiftwater Rd.  Side View

Swiftwater Home Exterior-Back


To the right is a view of the back of the house as it is now! Just imagine how this will change once spring arrives and the weather allows for exterior work to begin!





Back yard


One of my favorite features this property offers is the semi-private back yard with the natural tree-lined buffer!






Swiftwater Rd. Back Yard

Here’s another view of the back yard! Just imagine what you can do here..







In our first post we showed you the kitchen, living room, bathroom, enclosed porch and the bonus room, below we will give you a brief tour of the bedrooms as they look now!



Blue Bedroom


Bedroom #1 is approximately 10’X10’ and offers a large walk-in closet.

The carpet will be removed, walls repaired and painted a more neutral color and the window replaced.





Bedroom #2



Bedroom #2 is approximately  11’X 10’ and currently does not offer a closet.

The plan here is to break out the wall where the window is and add a closet which will be taken from the enclosed porch on the front of the house.

The carpet will be removed and walls painted a neutral color.







Here you see the hallway which leads to the master bedroom and laundry room.

As you look down the hall you can see a doorway, this doorway will be the access to what will be a master bedroom suite.

The master bedroom is currently o the left beyond this doorway.





Master Bedroom


The Master Bedroom is approximately  17’X22’ and offers 2-closets.

Currently floor covering is vinyl squares and the walls are papered.

The plan is to replace the flooring and change the wall décor as well as replace the windows.





This is where I am going to leave you this time!

Stay tuned for our next update blog post where we will be sharing some of the changes that have already taken place.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions, questions, and/or feedback

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  1. This is a marvelous project you’re involved in Vickie. Great to see some ‘affordable’ housing coming on line for any area of the state. Kudos to you to making a difference.

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