Random Acts of Kindness ~ Pay it Forward | Day Two

Yesterday was my first day (after accepting the challenge put forth by Jeannette & Melissa) of finding a way to give back by doing Random Acts of Kindness and I must say when you approach your day with your eyes wide open, Random Acts of Kindness come easily!

If this is your first stop by my blog take a moment and read yesterdays post Random Acts of Kindness ~ Pay it Forward and visit Jeannette’s Random Acts of Kindness ~ Day One as well as Melissa’s 38 Random Acts of Kindness – Let Freedom Ring. You won’t be disappointed!

My day started as any other day with the exception of the 8’” of snow mother nature had blessed us with sometime between 11pm (when I went to bed) and 6:30am (when I rolled out of bed) with the forecast for a possible 4-6 more inches to fall before day’s end.

As I stared out the window enjoying my first cup of coffee watching my husband shovel the walkway and plow the driveway before heading off early to plow his brother and parents out on his way to work where he has to plow some more, I thought to myself “I am so lucky to have someone who can do all this for me.”

With this thought in mind I dug my snow boots out of the closet, grabbed my gloves off counter, packed my computer and grabbed the dogs to head for the office a little early. (Knowing I was going to have to do some shoveling adding a chore I didn’t have in my daily schedule)


My first appointment of the day was an appraisal on a property in which I represent the buyers (in the transaction) and had already been informed due to unfortunate circumstances the seller’s agent wasn’t going to make the appraisal which was scheduled for 10:30am.

Once I finished shoveling my way into the office I checked my messages and emails thinking the appraiser (who had to travel quite a distance) may have cancelled due to the weather and driving conditions. Having not received anything indicating the appraisal had been cancelled, I tossed my shovel and snow broom in the truck and went on my way.

I arrived at the property to find the driveway hadn’t been plowed yet and the walkway wasn’t shoveled.


I grabbed my shovel and made my way to the front door to inform Mrs. Seller I was there and would be happy to shovel the walkway for her, to my surprise she said; “thank you for the kind gesture but we don’t shovel the walkway nor do we have it shoveled as we always come in through the garage!”  She then said, “You don’t have a plow do you? You see our plowing has gotten all messed up the past couple years & we used to share the expense with the abutter whom we’ve given a right of way to use the road coming up into the property to access their home, and for some reason they are no longer plowing us out!” I apologized and said, “I’m sorry I don’t have a plow, however I know a few people who plow driveways and I’d be happy to call one of them for you.” She kindly replied, “no it is ok I have a guy I will contact to see when he can come do it for us.”

While we were chatting we received a message that the appraiser was running about 45 minutes late which meant he would be there around 11:15 or 11:30 so Mrs. Seller says, “come on inside and wait.” I thanked her and said, “my office is only 1-mile away I can come back in 45 minutes to meet the appraiser.”  To my surprise she said to me, “I really don’t have anything to do between now and then and would love it if you could play a game of scrabble with me!”


You see, Mrs. Seller is an elderly woman who spends all of her time taking care of her husband of 50yrs! Turns out she loves to play scrabble and let me tell you the first thing she said was, “we play by our rules using the old dictionary!”  I’m not sure how many of you reading this play scrabble with a dictionary dated from 1948. (before my time) My dictionary has words in it that weren’t in existence in her dictionary!

As you can see by the picture above we played scrabble while we waited for the appraiser and we talked about things like the weather and how she couldn’t wait to get away from having to deal with so much snow, we talked about how there was a time when she was a broker selling real estate and gave it up because the gentlemen she worked for was a “shyster” and she “just couldn’t sell anymore of his poorly built homes!” (this made me chuckle)

Before we knew it the appraiser arrived and completed his assignment and was out the door in less than 20 minutes. Mrs. Seller said, “do you have to leave too or can we finish our game?” I knew my desk was covered with work I really needed to do back at the office and had already set myself back by an hour but also knew this wonderful woman who so graciously gives her day to care for her ailing husband just needed some time, some of my time and for something as simple as conversation over a game of scrabble!

Needless to say I stayed and finished the game and enjoyed hearing about her life growing up and family traditions during the holidays.  When the game was over, Mrs. Seller thanked me for being so kind, I embraced her and said with a little stutter in my voice, “Thank you for reminding me how precious time is and how the simple things in life mean the most.”

In closing, I’d like to ask that each and everyone of you reading this take a moment, just a moment out of your day to stop and appreciate the little things.

Until next time I welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.

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16 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness ~ Pay it Forward | Day Two

  1. I will be book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this post on Random Acts of Kindness ~ Pay it Forward | Day Two | All Access Real Estate Blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  2. I had tears in my eyes as I finished reading this…. time is such a precious commodity and yet it’s also the one thing that so many would give anything for. Vickie, I dare say that lady will remember your kindness for a long time to come. And I have a feeling she’d welcome you with open arms if you stopped by there again. 😉

    1. You are so right Ann, My heart goes out to anyone who’s time spent caring for someone and never giving thought to themselves, as it truly takes a kind, compassionate person do do what she is doing and I am blessed to have had this time with her! I hope to try and get over there for another game of scrabble soon! 🙂

  3. I read this yesterday and have pondered it ever since…I know why it affects me so much…so many times I hear folks say we, as Americans, have lost our way. That sentiment frightens me. For whatever we believe, whomever we believe in, its our Faith in each other to what is right.

    Acts of beauty, from one person to another, like Miss Vickie are why we, as a people in the most wonderful society on Earth will always prosper.

    1. Joe, Thank you so much for your comment! You are so right and if more people took just one moment out of their day to do something small for someone else the world we live in would be a much better happier place for all! 🙂

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