Our Kitchen Renovation Project ~ Progress

Welcome Back to my second post on our kitchen renovation project

My husband and I (with the help of a friend) have been renovating our kitchen for about a month now. Of course we have been doing the work ourselves therefore taking a bit longer than if we hired someone to do it for us. This is our “labor of love” Smile

What we’ve done so far

  • Removed old vinyl floor
  • took out all old cabinets, counter top, and sink
  • tore off old paneling
  • added outlets, replaced old wiring with new
  • took out entry door and framing
  • removed all woodwork
  • replaced 2-doors
  • hung new sheetrock, taped, sanded, primed and painted
  • installed some of the new cabinets, new sink & fixtures, new counter top, and new light fixture
  • added a dishwasher (my favorite new appliance)

Below are some of the photo’s I took as the work progressed…..

My husband Jason, our son Dillon and our adopted son Kegan hanging sheetrock


Here is where the original door was to enter the kitchen from outside. Removing the door and frame opened up an extra 4’ and makes it easier to carry things in and out of the house.


New sheetrock hung & sanded (left) primed & ready for paint (right)

P4100005 P4100014

Yes even Miss Belle helped with the primer!


In my first post I mentioned how the ‘work area’ of our kitchen is ‘galley style’ on the right below you can see the limited cupboard and counter space we had. On the right you can see the progress so far! I am still amazed at how awesome this area looks and we aren’t finished yet!

P3200054 4-19-11 (2)

What’s next for our kitchen renovation project

  • finish hanging cabinets
  • install back splash
  • replace remaining windows
  • wainscoting & chair rail
  • new wood work and trim around windows
  • crown molding
  • lay the new floor

And this is where I will leave you for now! Thank you for visiting my blog Smile

Until next time I welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.

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9 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Renovation Project ~ Progress

  1. Vickie, this looks wonderful! You have done a great job and it looks so professionally done! Do you hire out???

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